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The Impact of Technology toward the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Sustainability and Development

Nunik Purwaningsih, Galuh Puspita Sari Abstract One of potential industry sectors in Indonesia is leather industry. It has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Indonesia has potential market due to its large population. Moreover, leather goods from Indonesia are competitive among similar products from other countries. Despite the high growth, leather industries have a ...

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The Essentials of English on International Marketing Management for Balinese Traditional Cloth and Barong SMEs

Diana Ross Arief, Mustafidah Udkhiyati Abstract The study aims to find the possible difficulties of using English on the craftsmen’s marketing management during the trade, especially with foreign buyers. Bali is one of Indonesian Islands which has exotic and beautiful panorama with interesting tourism destinations. Besides that, Bali is also well-known for its ...

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Molecular Weight Distribution, Amino Acid and Functional Groups Profile of Gelatin Bovine Split Hide as Influenced by Acid Pre-Treatment

Dwi Wulandari1)2), Yuny Erwanto3), Yudi Pranoto4), Suharjono Triatmojo3) Abstract Gelatin is natural substance obtained from the partial hydrolysis of collagen from the skin, bones and connective tissue. This Study aims to weight molecular, amino acids and functional groups profile of gelatin from bovine split hide using variation of acetic acid concentration as curing ...

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Effect of The Use of Environmentally Friendly Tanner Material On the Process of Tannery of Puffer Fish (Arothon Reticularis) Skin Against Physical Test and Histology of Skin

R.L.M. Satrio Ari Wibowo1), Sri Sumarni1), Ambar Pertiwiningrum2), Suharjono Triatmojo2) Abstract One of the results of marine fauna in Indonesia is Pufferfish fish. Pufferfish fish is unique in its body surface covered with spikes and a fish species that are toxic, that the fish utilization is not maximized. On the other hand, the ...

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