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Lowongan Kerja – PT. Cipta Harmoni Jaya

PT. Cipta Harmoni Jaya saat ini sedang membuka kesempatan bekerja untuk mengisi posisi Lab Analyst and RnD Staff, dengan kualifikasi seperti berikut:

  1. Lab Analyst

• The ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems.
• Good hand-eye coordination, to use technical equipment with accuracy.
• The ability to maintain and calibrate technical equipment.
• Time management skills to work on several different projects at once.
• Graduate from ATK or chemist analyst (preferred)
• At least 1-year working experience (Prefer in Leather Industry)

Job & Responsibility:
• The testing phase of the production process to ensure that final products meet the company standards.
• Identifying whether products are functional, reliable and meet the end user’s expectations
• Receiving, labeling, and analyzing samples (Finished leather)
• Designing and executing laboratory testing according to standard procedures.
• Conducting experiments under defined conditions to verify/reject various types of hypotheses using refined scientific methods.
• Assist researchers in conducting experiments, analyzing results, and preparing reports.
• Responsible for equipment installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

2. RnD Staff

Job Description
• Establish project goals and priorities by collaborating with Marketing and Operations.
• Research, design and evaluate materials, assemblies, processes, and equipment.
• Responsible for all aspects of product development, and ongoing manufacturing support, including formulation development, prototype production, production process monitoring, production troubleshooting, and any related activities.
• Graduate from ATK
• Good analytic and creative thinking
• Maintain confidentiality around sensitive information/data
• Fast learner and willing to work cross-department (If needed)
• At least 1-year working experience is preferred

Kepada alumni Poltek ATK Yogyakarta yang memenuhi syarat seperti kualifikasi diatas, bisa mengirimkan CV-nya ke email prayogitawakal@gmail.com / WhatsApp (08966328692)

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