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Characteristics Identification Gambier (Uncaria Gambier Roxb) As Leather Tanning Agent

Elis Nurbalia


Gambier (Uncaria Gambier Roxb) as leather tanning assisting agent needs to be identified in order to obtain active agent characteristic information clearly so it can ease manufacturing formulation/ recipe for tanning process which fits with the characteristic of finished leather. Gambier used as a sample consist of five types, two types of imported products used in the industrial processing of leather with code A (liquid) and B (powder), and 3 Gambier local products with C code (block), D (cylinder), E (cylinder). Gambier is tested using SNI 06-6051-1999 about vegetable tanning agents test and the results are compared with SNI 01-3391-2000 about Gambier. Gambier Characteristics which need to be identified are water content, total extract, total soluble, non tannin, tannin and pH level. The result of all 5 samples for Gambier tanning levels test does not comply Gambier SNI 01-3391-2000 standard. For water content, only Gambier A that does not qualify because of its liquid form, while the insoluble substances of Gambier B do not meet the requirements. Nevertheless, all Gambier can still be used as a pre-tanning, tanning or re-tanning agent according to finished leather articles, except Gambier A that only for re-tanning agent.

Keywords: Gambier; characteristic; leather tannage

DOI 10.21063/ICTIS.2016.1011

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