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Pemanfaatan Limbah Padat Kulit Fleshing untuk Tepung Protein

(Maria Sriwiyanti, Dwi Wulandari, Titik Anggraini)


Protein flour is the flour with its raw material from various nutritious protein materials such as fish, prawn, shrimp, blood, etc. This research aims to make the skin fleshing waste into protein flour as the raw material for fodder; and to know its nutrition content. The object of this research was 5 kg skin fleshing solid waste from LIK tannery in Magetan. The object was divided into 4 treatments with 3 replications, T1 (0.5 hour boiling/extraction), T2 (1 hour extraction), T3 (1.5 hour extraction) and T4 (2 hour extraction). The skin was cleaned, then soaked during 2 nights and after that boiled or extracted (according to treatment) at boiling temperature, then milled, dried and boxed/ blender, hereinafter sieved by 15 mesh. The data was analyzed using the RAL (Complete Randomized Design) one way mode, if there was a significant difference then it was further analyzed using Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test. The result of research showed that the duration of extraction did not make significant difference towards rendement, protein value, fat value, water content, and ash value. Result means of protein flour chemical analysis are: rendement 15.96%, protein value 55,15%, fat value 13,31%, water content 6,5% and ash value 11,40%. By organoleptic analysis, the protein flour resulted has the form of brown powder, neutral pH, and was odourless. Result of chemical and organoleptic analysis of protein flour from skin fleshing solid waste showed that the different duration of extraction and same grade of temperature would give the similar result.
Keyword: skin fleshing, protein flour, solid waste

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