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Pengukuran Ergonomi Posisi Kerja Perajin Tatah Sungging di Pucung dan Gendeng

(Anwar Hidayat dan Galuh Puspita Sari)


Tatah sungging craft is a certain type of handicraft made manually by using tatah (chisel) and sungging (painting) tool. Tatah sungging craftsmen work in a static working attitude during their 8-10 hour per-day working duration. They sit facing the desk and their bodies bend. This working position counts on the spine, shoulder muscles and arm muscles for daily work. This causes fatigue which will lead to not optimum productivity. Diseases such as: headaches, stiff shoulders, neck pain, back pain and asphyxiation can occur at that wrong working position. It happens due to the working media such as tables and chairs which do not fulfill the Indonesian society anthropometry standards. Anthropometric data needed are hand length, knee folding height, hip width, shoulder height and the distance from knee folding height to the buttocks. Percentile used is 95% percentile, because 95% percentile is the highest percentage of 95% of Indonesian population. This study aims to determine the correct working position of penatah sungging craftsmen in order to avoid fatigue that can reduce productivity. Proper ergonomics can also avoid spine illness or injury.
Keyword: Tatah sungging, anthropometry, ergonomy

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